Mr & Mrs Valentine | Our NYC Elopement

This blog has been rather neglected of late, however, I do have a pretty good reason for this. If you follow my various social media channels, then you will know that Adam and I are now officially married! It’s been a chaotic, amazing few weeks of travel, planning, jet lag, work and partying; I’ve hardly been online this month, which is a rarity for me.

On 10 October 2016, Adam and I hopped on a plane and headed to New York City to tie the knot. I’ll fill you guys in properly on the whole trip soon but I just couldn’t contain my excitement and wanted to share our big day on here as soon as I could get near my laptop again.

Once we’d settled in, we headed to the City Clerks’ office on Tuesday to fill out all the legal paperwork and give notice of our intention to marry. In New York City, you legally have to wait 24 hours from this formality before getting wed so we were keen to get it sorted as early as possible. We queued for around 2.5 hours at the City Clerks’ office on Whitworth Street and, after presenting our IDs and other details, we left with our marriage license.

The next day, Adam and I woke up in our Times Square hotel room and began to get ready together. It was all going swimmingly – until 40 minutes before our Uber was due and I realised that I’d left my Urban Decay Eyeshadow palette behind. Cue mass panic and my wonderful husband to be making a mad dash to Sephora! Luckily, the makeup gods were shining down on me that morning and even my false eyelashes and liquid eyeliner went to plan; there’s a first time for everything, eh?

We waited outside our hotel however our Uber ended up getting lost (!) and we were already running slightly later than intended. After 15 minutes of waiting, we decided to hail a yellow cab instead, New York style. Our cab driver was apparently oblivious to the important day ahead and barely grunted at us throughout the ride but this didn’t dampen our excitement.

We eventually rocked up at the City Clerks’ office and were greeted with a beaming smile and hug from our fabulous photographer, Janay. I chose my bridal bouquet from the vendor handily situated right outside the venue (shout out to George) and opted for pretty blue and cream hydrangeas.

Heading inside to get married, I can honestly say that the nerves were minimal and I was just looking forward to marrying the love of my life. After getting our ticket from the reception area, filling in the last bits of paperwork, and a brief wait with several other couples, we were called into a private room by the officiant and a few moments later, we emerged as husband and wife.

To capture our trip in all of its glory, we headed over to the area of Brooklyn known as DUMBO. This boasted incredible views of the iconic NYC skyline and both Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges. It’s also home to a beautiful mix of old and modern architecture. Janay took photos of us on the grounds of an old textile mill, at the famous Jane’s carousel (sadly it was closed that day but we got some nice shots regardless) and so many more.

We stumbled upon Shake Shack during the photoshoot and stopped for a fully loaded hot dog and peanut butter shake; a rather fitting snack for our low-key wedding day. During our meal, we ended up chatting to an older American couple who gave us $30 as a wedding gift, a German family whose young daughter asked if I was a princess *sob* and a group of lively teenagers who came over to congratulate us. Humans are generally pretty wonderful, aren’t they?

After a day in Brooklyn, we had booked ourselves an evening meal at the West Village restaurant, ‘One If By Land, Two If By Sea’.  Upon arrival, our cab driver completely surprised us by waiving the entire (rather substantial) fare as a ‘wedding gift’. It was such a thoughtful and unexpected act – again, just another example of kindness we encountered that day.

Voted ‘The Most Romantic Restaurant In The World’, One If By Land certainly lived up to its name! Decorated with candles, gorgeous stained glass windows, a private garden, and live music playing on the grand piano in the background, the venue was the perfect place to celebrate our big day together.

The meal was exquisite. I opted for a starter of gnocchi whilst Adam chose scallop tempura. We both enjoyed tender beef wellington for our main and orange creme brulee for dessert. We were also presented with complimentary champagne and petit fours which was a lovely touch.

Exhausted, full, and blissfully happy, we made our way back and collapsed in bed. Obviously, weddings are a very personal thing but for us, this was absolutely the best way to make our relationship official, giving us the first of many adventures and amazing memories together in New York City as husband and wife.

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  5. You look so happy and your wedding day sounds lovely! Congratulations to you!

    • Lisa | That British Betty Blog says:

      Thanks Katy. It was the trip of a lifetime and we made some incredible memories ❤

  6. Danielle says:

    As expected, your wedding (and you!) looks beautiful! I’m so happy for you and wish you both many long years of happiness. ♥

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