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*My Buckt box was provided free of charge as part of an ongoing collaboration, however, all opinions are my own as usual 

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When I received May’s Buckt box, I knew that I was in for a fabulous few weeks. After not taking full advantage of my April Buckt box, I managed to book 4 out of 5 activities from this one.

The May Greater Manchester Buckt box contained:

The first activity we did was the Treasure Trail map (I’ll be sharing separate posts about the others in the next few weeks). Described on their website as ‘an imaginative way to explore towns and cities‘, the basic idea is that you download your chosen map (or have a hard copy posted out for an additional fee) and enjoy a self-guided adventure.

The Treasure Trail website tells you how many miles each trail is, how long it should take to complete, what theme it will be (Murder Mystery, Treasure Hunt or Spy Mission) and if it’s accessible for wheelchairs/pushchairs. Most of the trails only involve walking, however, some also require driving, cycling or trips on public transport so you can choose an adventure that’s perfect for your groups needs and preferences.

With more than 1200 locations around the UK, I saw it an excuse to explore more of Lancashire by visiting the city of Lancaster. It’s only about a 90-minute drive from home so I rounded up an enthusiastic team of grown-ups (these were family members by the way; I didn’t just gather up a bunch of unwilling strangers from the city centre) and we got to work.

Lancaster Castle Treasure Trails Map Review That British Betty BlogLancaster Treasure Trails Map Review Unique Gift That British Betty Blog

Starting – and ultimately finishing – at Market Square, the in-depth clues and directions took us on a two-mile tour across the city. Our group decided to make the most of the fairly decent weather and carried out the trail at a leisurely pace.

In the end, it took us just over three hours to complete and we absolutely would have stayed even longer if we’d allocated extra time to visit the Lancaster Castle, Maritime Museum and lots of other little things we came across.

The clues were cryptic enough to pose a challenge without being frustratingly impossible to solve but you do get three ‘lives’ where you can text to find out the answer if you get really stuck. Luckily, we managed to solve all 20 clues without needing any help – hurrah!

Although there is (sadly) no actual treasure up for grabs, you can submit your answer online for the chance to win £100, plus I learnt loads of new stuff about a city that I’m fast falling in love with.

I’m not going to go into much more detail about our experience on here though, just incase I inadvertently give the game away, so to speak. For £6.99, the Treasure Trail maps are fantastic value for money (bonus points that you’ll also be supporting a small business) and make for brilliant, inexpensive family days out across the UK.

Buckt Treasure Trails Map Review That British Betty BlogBuckt Manchester Treasure Trails Map Review That British Betty Blog

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  1. Hannah says:

    I got the Manchester buckt box and got completely different activities – shall be popping up my post shortly. I thought everyone got the same activities!

  2. Rebecca Jones says:

    What a fab idea 🙂 I’ll be investigating. Love bec xx

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