Wonderfully Wicked Halloween Fudge

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When it comes to Halloween, I adore the aesthetics of the spooky season (basic much Lisa?), however, the proper horror and gore stuff isn’t really my bag. My girls may take great joy in being frightened half to death at ‘Farm of Terror’ or similar nightmarish events, but for me, I can’t think of anything worse.

I’ll occasionally attend Halloween house parties with friends, which I do enjoy, but more often than not, I tend to give in to my trusty hibernation instincts instead. Adam and I like to make a huge pot of chili

with a side of loaded nachos, snuggle up on the sofa with the cats (Halloween is Luther’s time to shine), and pull an all-nighter whilst watching as many movies as we can handle.

But what I love the most about Halloween is the array of sweet culinary delights on offer. I discovered candy corn when we were in America one October and…oh my. In fact, Adam’s friend kindly brought me a couple of tubs of candy corn back from a recent trip to New York so I may or may not be in a slight sugar haze as I type this. Americans really do Halloween on a whole other level to us Brits, don’t they?

When we stay home for Halloween, I like to make an effort for any trick-or-treaters that may visit (whilst secretly hoping that they don’t knock on so I can eat them all for myself the next day). Along with these sweet-filled paper pumpkins, I adapted my trusty chocolate slow-cooker fudge recipe for the occasion using Cadburys Goo Heads to give it an extra-ghoulish touch.

Wonderfully wicked Halloween fudge recipe chocolate orange slow cooker That_British_Betty_BlogMy slow cooker is my BFF when it comes to creating both sweet and savoury treats. Honestly, the concept of being able to throw various ingredients into one pot and producing a decent meal without having to actually do much else is pure genius. Mine gave up the ghost a few months ago so I ordered this monster 6.5l copper one from Studio.

When it arrived, it was bigger than I expected – of course, I didn’t actually bother to check the size of my old one before getting rid – but it was a blessing in disguise as I can now make double batches of my favourite meals and freeze half for those weeknights where I don’t feel like cooking much after a long day at work. Hurrah!

If you want to make your own slow cooker fudge, you can use the recipe below as a guide. If you don’t have a slow cooker, you can use a heavy-bottomed pan on the hob instead on a very low heat. It also works well with a host of other ingredients – swap the 3x Goo Heads for an extra 100g of milk chocolate and you can pretty much add whatever extras you like.

I made the other batch of fudge by using 300g of milk chocolate, 2 chocolate oranges and a tin of condensed milk. I’m going to have a go at making peanut butter fudge next weekend so will let you know how it turns out over on Instagram.

Slow Cooker Halloween Fudge


400g milk chocolate (any brand will do – I use a cheap supermarket one)
5 Cadburys Goo Heads
1x 397g tin of condensed milk


1 – Break up the chocolate and chop the Goo Heads.

2 – Set your slow cooker to low and add the broken chocolate, three Goo Heads (regular size, not mini) and the tin of condensed milk.

3 – Leave the lid off and stir occasionally. The mixture should begin to melt and form a crust; you’ll know when you see it. This takes about 30 minutes.

4 – Stir well and wait for the fudge to form a second crust.

5- Pour into a lined square tin or mould (I use a silicone one) and quickly top with the remaining chopped Goo Heads.

6 – Leave to cool in the fridge overnight. Cut into small squares and store in an airtight container (refrigerated) for up to one week.

Wonderfully wicked Halloween fudge recipe chocolate orange slow cooker That_British_Betty_Blog

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  1. Lyd says:

    You legend! Your pictures of fudge always look mouthwatering but I thought it was really hard to do, I’m thrilled that I can chuck it in the slow cooker!

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