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Inspired by the launch of chocolate orange Twirls, Fingers, Buttons and just about everything else this year, this simple sweet treat is easy enough for even the most inexperienced baker to throw together. I can be a bit lazy in the kitchen so this suits me perfectly and the result is always a decent crowd pleaser. Being a fridge cake, it’s ideal to make over the festive period with little ones as it’s literally a case of mixing everything up and leaving it to set for a few hours.

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100g 70% dark chocolate
120g (1 bag) Cadburys Chocolate Orange buttons
100g milk chocolate
2tbs golden syrup
50g unsalted butter
75g digestive biscuits
75g rich tea biscuits
120g (1 box) orange Matchmakers
30g mini marshmallows

For the fudgy topping

150g milk chocolate
200g condensed milk
sprinkles of your choice


1 – Line an 8″ (20cm x 20cm) square tin with clingfilm or grease with unsalted butter. I use a silicone tray so it doesn’t need any prep

2 – Crush the biscuits – rich tea and digestives – with a rolling pin or food processor, making sure they stay relatively chunky

3 – Melt the dark chocolate, milk chocolate, buttons, butter and syrup together in a bowl above a pan of boiling water (there’s an element of adult supervision required here, even for me sometimes and I’m 37 yrs old)

4 – Once melted and slightly cooled, fold the biscuits and chocolate mix together in the bowl

5 – Roughly chop the matchmakers and add to the mix, along with the marshmallows (you might want to save a few matchmakers for decoration)

6 – Spoon into your tin/tray and press down with the back of a spoon

7 – Leave to set for 2 hours or overnight

8 – To make your topping, melt the milk chocolate and condensed milk together in a pan on very low heat, stirring frequently until blended

9 – Spread over your set traybake, add sprinkles or decoration of your choice and leave to set in the fridge for another hour

10 – Remove from the fridge, carefully cut into pieces and enjoy.

*Makes approx. 20 pieces. Store in a covered container in the fridge for up to 5 days. Not suitable for freezing.

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