The Prosecutor by Nazir Afzal | Book Review


I mentioned in my last post that during lockdown, I’ve been taking full advantage of my library subscription and utilising the audiobook facility. I adore listening while cooking or on…

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Out With The Old


Do you ever have an overwhelming urge to declutter? To sweep through your home, and your life, and rid it of anything that no longer serves you or – at…

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Word of the Year 2021 | SELF


I tend to step back from making New Year’s resolutions. I don’t think they’re inherently bad; anything that helps us reach a goal or stay motivated is a wonderful thing.…

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Connecting at Christmastime with #JoinIn


When I started blogging again last month after my impromptu break, I vowed to myself that I would keep my future content generic and lighthearted, to not share anything too…

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Mr and Mrs Valentine Year Four | A Windy Weekend in Whitby


Just over four years ago, Adam and I were married in an understated City Hall ceremony for two. Since then, we agreed that we’d always try and celebrate our wedding…

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Invisible Cities Walking Tours | Manchester


It’s certainly not unusual for me and my youngest girl, Lucie, to head into town on a Sunday morning to grab breakfast or lunch, however, a couple of months ago,…

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