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When it comes to Valentine’s Day, we’re usually bombarded with adverts aggressively encouraging us to spend a scary amount of cash on red roses, chocolate, teeny tiny knickers and other stuff that will no doubt be left in the bargain bucket come 15 February.

Now you’d think that with a surname like ‘Valentine’, I’d be all over it but actually, I’d rather receive something a little more unique, like a bag of my favourite filter coffee, a nerdy piece of stationery or… a donkey perhaps? Now before you assume that I’ve finally fallen over the cliff edge, hear me out.

The Donkey Sanctuary got in touch with me last month to show me all of the beautiful donkeys that they look after. Being the absolute animal lover that I am, I poured over the stories and images of these gorgeous creatures before remembering that my back yard isn’t the ideal living quarters for a donkey.

But luckily for me, that’s not an issue. There are tons of other ways you and I can help The Donkey Sanctuary and adopting a donkey this Valentine’s Day is just one of them.

Meet Henry

Henry has problems with his sight and has done amazingly well to adapt to finding his way around. He’s always listening out for the voices of his loving grooms and seeking the company of his good friends including fellow adoption donkey Tiny Tim. You can meet Henry at the Manchester centre.

At night, he will only settle down once he has had a goodnight cuddle with the sanctuary warden *all of the feels RN*. Another fun fact: Henry’s birthday is just 5 days after Valentine’s Day.

That British Betty Blog The Donkey Sanctuary Manchester

Meet Tiny Tim

Tiny Tim is not tiny at all. In fact, he is one of the tallest donkeys in the herd at the Manchester centre. He is always easy to spot, not just because he is tall but because he has a distinctive white stripe down the centre of his face.

Tiny Tim is also known to be the Harry Houdini of the donkey world. He has an incredible knack for removing his rug at night, without even undoing the straps. Impressive, no?

If you’d like to visit The Donkey Sanctuary in Manchester (or any other location in the UK), you can find more information here.

That British Betty The Donkey Sanctuary Manchester

*Not an ad, paid or gifted. I just wanted to tell you all about this fabulous place! 

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