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*Tickets were provided as part of an ongoing collaboration with Buckt

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The August Buckt box landed on our doormat right at the beginning of my week off work and in the middle of Lucie’s school summer holidays so the timing could not have been better. For those of you that haven’t read my previous posts about Buckt, you can find out more here.

The August Greater Manchester Buckt box contained:

With no real plan for the week ahead, I decided to make good use of the Chill Factore snow park passes and invited Lucie’s friend to come along with us. You see, snow and slides are really not my thing (I know, how dull) but it’s right up Lu’s street so we kick-started our week off together with a short drive to Trafford Park.

If you frequent the M60, then you’ll no doubt already be familiar with the huge, distinctive building that is home to the Chill Factore. The roads can be a little tricky to navigate once you get off the motorway but we arrived to find plenty of free parking available which was helpful. It was also a typical Manchester summers day and bouncing with rain so I was glad to be undercover!

We’d been advised to arrive 30 minutes before our allocated time slot so headed to reception where a member of staff gave us our tickets and pointed us in the direction of the clothing hire area. This was included in the Buckt box and gave us the use of waterproof trousers, coats and snow boots. We did already have gloves with us as instructed on the website but there was the option of buying these if not.

Chill Factore Trafford Snow Park Review That British Betty Blog

There were also helmets available which are free of charge and actually compulsory when using the slopes or snow park. This is where things got a little confusing as there were no staff members on hand to advise on sizing etc so we just tried a few and went with what the girls felt was a good fit.

They were booked on for the 10.30am snow park slot, however, were ready a few minutes early. There was no clear signage about when to access the snow park so the girls decided to just go through – and swiftly set off an alarm. On the plus side, it did attract the attention of several members of staff.

After the initial hiccup, the girls finally got to test out the snow park and headed straight for the ice slide. Lu is an absolute daredevil so wasn’t at all phased by the speed. They raced each other on the downhill donuts and then took on the sledge n slide.

As the girls continued to keep my anxiety levels high with their fearless antics, I went and made myself cosy upstairs in the Alpine-themed cafe with a coffee and took advantage of the free WiFi. The viewing balcony meant that I could still see how they got on without getting on the snow myself.

I also spotted that Chill Factore have ‘Mini Moose Land’ – a snow park especially for toddlers – which is a lovely idea if you have younger children. Along with skiing and snowboarding slopes, the Chill Factore offers a good variety of activities for all abilities and ages.

You can find more information about the facilities and book here.

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