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Hi, I’m Lisa Valentine. I’m 36 years old, work in media and communications by day and as a lifestyle blogger by night. I live near Manchester, England with my Welsh husband, two teenage daughters and our three rescue cats.

Lisa Valentine (formerly That British Betty) has been my creative outlet since 2014, a candid ‘Dear Diary’ style blog and a way of documenting the adventures so far. This ranges from my various trips around the UK and beyond, favourite recipes and budget fashion finds to the everyday kind of moments.

I grew up in the nineties whilst listening to music from the fifties, adore all things vintage and rockabilly, often spend my weekends getting lost in a Netflix black hole, live by the ‘Don’t Be A Dick’ ethos and have a weakness for cats, SEGA and those little biscuits that you get at the hairdressers sometimes.

For PR requests and collaborations, you can contact me here or email lisavalentineblogs@gmail.com

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