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I was going to start this with a massive cliche of ‘Oh wow, July already? Where is the year going?’, however, that would be somewhat insincere as frankly, it feels like 2020 has lasted for about 100 years so far. That said, I’m going to shake off my negative vibes for just a little while today as June was actually a pretty wonderful month on a personal level.


As I mentioned in my last post, June is a month of birthdays and celebrations for our family. The biggest, most significant event for me was becoming an auntie again a couple of weeks ago. I met my beautiful, tiny new nephew from a distance when he was two days old and I cannot wait until it’s safe enough to have proper snuggles; hopefully it’s not too far away now.

We also went to visit my dad for Father’s Day and hung out in his garden for a few hours. He decided to bring out a little retro Bluetooth speaker that I bought him for Christmas, a basket of crisps and cakes that he’d put in quarantine three days earlier for us, ‘just to be on the safe side love’, and we had a wholesome afternoon of chit chat, accompanied by CountryRadio.UK and the occasional stray cat and squirrel gatecrasher.

I’m gutted that we couldn’t visit my in-laws as they live in Wales but again, I’m hoping that’ll change soon and we’ll be allowed to cross the border at some point in the near future. We had a quiet celebration at home for Adam’s birthday mid-June and then Megan turned 20 two days later (flipping 20 years old. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to having an actual adult daughter). She and her lovely boyfriend came to visit that evening and we had tea together in the garden, consisting of pizza and cake. Not just any cake though. She adores carrot cake so as a treat, I decided to have a go at making one from scratch. It was a bit of a faff, what with having to grate carrots and fresh nutmeg, but turned out perfectly.

I’ve been making an effort to get out of the house, despite that niggling temptation to just hide indoors being particularly strong lately, so I gave myself a talking to and went for a walk with Lucie and my three-year-old niece on Monday. We made friends with a horse and bought sweets and jumped in puddles and it was brilliant. Me and Adam have also been enjoying walks around Heaton Park and are counting down the days until we can enjoy lunch by the boating lake.

I deleted my personal Facebook – again. I came off the platform for over a year but needed to reactivate it for work after Mark Zuckerberg and his fellow robot friends figured out I’d been using a pseudo account to manage business pages.  They swiftly closed that account so I had to reluctantly go back to my genuine one. Last month, my feed was slowly filling up with racist, homophobic and fascist posts. I scrolled through sporadic ‘All Lives Matter’ bullshit whilst getting incredibly angry and frustrated and that’s when I knew I had to step away again, for my own sanity. I found another way to access to my blog page and work accounts and will be over on Twitter and Instagram in the meantime – unless I get busted again but even so, I’ll only use Facebook when/if I absolutely have to.

Life Update June 2020 Lockdown Lisa Valentine Blogs

Life Update June 2020 Lockdown Birthdays Lisa Valentine Blogs


At the beginning of the month, I was feeling extremely drained, for no obvious reason, and spent my time working then cramming in sleep at every given opportunity. I felt mentally and physically worn out. I stopped following the news outside of my work commitments and found that to be massively helpful. I’ve also been having a bit of an identity crisis lately which is something I’ll be sharing more of in a dedicated post later this week.

I’m still fortunate enough to be working from home for now, however, I suspect that’ll be changing soon and I’m a little bit nervous. Not necessarily about the steps my company has taken to ensure we stay safe as I trust them wholeheartedly, but about having to adjust to office life again, being consistently mindful of social distancing, not sharing equipment with colleagues, not using the communal kitchens etc.  I suspect that most people are apprehensive of our day to day lives returning to ‘normal’ and that the thought is likely worse than the reality will be. COVID deaths in UK are still around 150 per day as I type this, which leaves me feeling highly unsettled and sparks that instinct to hibernate and stay safe but we’ll have to start resuming things at some point I suppose.


I smashed through the new season of Queer Eye in just one weekend, which is something I’m rather proud of. I know the show is a bit hit and miss for some people but I personally love it and always feel uplifted and inspired after watching. I also watched ‘Becoming’; a documentary about Michelle Obama, and now idolise her even more than I did before. An absolute queen.

I’ve been watching the American Horror Story anthology again and am now having nightmares about clowns as we’re currently knee-deep in ‘Freak Show’ so that’s nice. I watched the Glastonbury sets this weekend and it made me nostalgic for gigs and festivals. It was bemusing watching the ‘Oasis’ set circa 1994 and it took me right back to a purer era of wearing daft round glasses, ‘Heather Shimmer’ lipstick. So? perfume and sneaking off with my best mate to see them play at the GMEX without our parent’s permission (sorry mum), thinking that I might be in with a shot at becoming a future Mrs Gallagher – aged 15. Awkward.

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