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When I first started blogging, I was all about oversharing, terribly amateur photography and rambling ‘Life Lately’ posts. As the blogging world evolved, so did my style (but not my photography skills sadly). I focused more on reviews, days out and the odd recipe and eventually, the chatty lifestyle stuff just faded away.

I’ve been pretty absent from blogging and social media for a few months and I realised that it’s because I don’t feel I have anything particularly newsworthy to share right now. So instead, I’m bringing back my ‘Life Update’ round-ups and sharing the normal, day to day stuff with you each month, which resembles one massive Facebook status.


We’re big fans of Netflix and the other week, I popped ‘Love is Blind’ on in the background without any real intention of watching it. The premise is that couples get the chance to propose to future spouses without actually having seen them first, building connections based purely though conversation.

If you haven’t seen it yet and have a spare day to get lost in a surreal Netflix hole, you must. If you have, you need to message me about your thoughts immediately because I am full-on hooked and need someone to discuss the outcomes with.

It also came to light over Christmas that there are loads of films Adam loves that I have never watched and visa versa so we’ve created a mammoth joint movie ‘Bucket List’ and are working our way through it this year.

We’ve started with the first two films in the classic Indiana Jones trilogy which were alright. I know this statement would get me disowned in some circles but in my defence, it really hasn’t aged very well and the lady who spends most of the second film screeching distracted me quite a bit from the plot, along with Harrison Ford’s charisma.


With Storms Ciara, Dennis and Jorge causing chaos in the UK this February, I haven’t been overly inclined to venture outdoors unless absolutely necessary. Storm Dennis gave us a royal battering and decided to push (what seemed like) half of the River Irwell into our house so we spent most of our free time dealing with the aftermath of the flooding.

On a lighter note, we attended a few 21st birthday parties and caught up with friends and family. It’s been a weird life milestone seeing my mates kids go from being toddlers to actual adult human beings. It’s even more surreal when I remember that my own daughters will be 21 and 18 (!) next year.


For reasons I can’t be arsed going into, my diet has been restricted for the past couple of years and I’m now making an effort to consume more fruit and vegetables. I’ve been playing around with soup recipes and have come across some real bangers, including this parsnip and apple one from BBC Food and a very excellent budget-friendly roasted carrot, garlic and chickpea soup from Jack Monroe.

I also made several batches of these easy peasy Oreo cheesecake truffles which tend to last for about four hours before the girls and I eat them all. These are not part of my healthy eating plan but taste delicious regardless. No regrets.


I touched upon it a bit in my last post but this month has been a challenge emotionally. My mood always takes a big dip around Nov – March and February is undoubtedly the biggest hurdle for me. The shit weather doesn’t help much; I find it almost impossible to see past the seemingly-endless grey days and need to remind myself often that springtime is just around the corner.

I’ve been feeling really quite fragile but am determined to not let my darker thoughts consume me, to get myself over this last invisible barrier. Inbetween overthinking, letting other people’s poor behaviour get under my skin, self-isolating and getting frustrated by things I cannot control, I realised that I’m not helping myself much.

I was going to just blame it all on Mercury in Retrograde/reading too many news articles (it’s not pretty out there right now with global warming, politics, and the Coronavirus making me want to become a bonafide hermit even more than usual) but I’m all about accountability so decided to take a more practical approach.

I’m now focusing my energy on rising above and reaching out to friends, making plans for some overdue coffee dates and summer adventures. I’m hoping to book an impromptu trip away with Lucie too if I can sell my Kendal Calling tickets before May so I’ll update you on that next time.

How has your February been?

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