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We share our home with three cats – Oscar, Lex and Luther. Oscar is our huge ginger cat (honestly, he’s the size of a small dog) and has been my wingman for the last ten years. In that time, we’ve had our fair share of adventures together.

Like the time he decided to jump through the spindles at the top of my staircase when he was eight weeks old (luckily, this resulted in nothing more serious than a bruised ego) or the time I rushed him to the vets after finding a lump on his tummy, only to find out that he was overweight and the lump was made up of fatty tissue; he was swiftly put on a specialist diet after that one.

Lex and Luther both joined us when they were just a few weeks old and had been cruelly abandoned in a skip. I offered them a forever home with us and Oscar slowly got used to the idea of having two adopted siblings! After a trip to the vet’s for a check-up, we found out that Lex is also a runt so taking out a pet insurance policy for him was an absolute must in case of any future health issues.

As much I love living with cats, I do occasionally wish that I could hang out with them somewhere other than the sofa or my back garden but sadly, they’re not quite as eager to go for walkies as their canine friends are. Due to our current lifestyle, owning a dog isn’t a possibility for us right now, however, there are still plenty of ways to get your doggo fix and enjoy the ‘pawfect’ summer day out if you are in a similar situation:

Dog walking at a local animal sanctuary 

My wonderful local animal sanctuary is always on the lookout for volunteers to help out in various ways, including dog walking. Obviously depending on how hot the pavements are etc but if the conditions are suitable, what better way to spend an hour than making friends with a dog and no doubt making their day just a little bit brighter too?

Cake and coffee at a dog cafe

Again, despite not actually owning a dog myself, that doesn’t stop me from hanging out at various dog cafes and fawning over all kinds of furry visitors. Just like I have with Oscar, my friend, Sara, also has plenty of stories to tell about her dog, a cross-bred named Poppy.

During a visit to a pup cafe, she ordered a slice of chocolate cake for herself and ‘pupcake’ (dog-friendly cupcake) for Poppy.  While Sara was distracted, Poppy snaffled the chocolate cake from the table. One panicked trip to the emergency vets and all was well, bar Poppy being slightly ashamed of herself. Luckily, Sara had dog insurance and now doesn’t take her eyes off Poppy quite so easily!

Picnicking in the park

In summer, one of my favourite things to do is take a picnic, book and blanket to the park and bask in the sunshine. Last time me and Adam this did, as soon as the food came out, we attracted the attention of no less than three dogs within a few minutes of cracking open the Scotch eggs One of them even managed to leg it with a cocktail sausage, followed by the owner running by and apologising profusely.

Pawsome Summer with Petplan That British Betty Blog

Although the weather has been admittedly rather grim in Manchester this summer, we have been enjoying beautiful 31-degree sunshine recently and have the promise of more good weather ahead so here are a few pet summer safety tips from Petplan to keep in mind:

Heat Hacks

Hazardous Summer Food

Holidaying With Pets

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2 responses to “The Pawfect Day Out With Petplan | AD”

  1. Died laughing at the image of Poppy grabbing the chocolate cake off the table!

    We bought harnesses for our indoor cats a few years ago – Scooter was never interested, but Biggie would love to explore the outdoors a bit. It’s a shame that he can’t be trusted. We tried letting him out to explore last summer and he legged it up the path. He’s like your Oscar – a big, lazy fluffball – but by god can he move when he wants to!

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