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A few weeks ago, I headed to Leeds for a very festive event hosted by CoLab and Moonpig. This ended with me drinking too many cocktails, accidentally flirting with Father Christmas and having a merry old time indeed. But more on that later…

This year, Moonpig is focusing on togetherness with their #MerrierTogether campaign. Claire from Moonpig told us that the ethos behind this was all about friendships, family, story-telling and enjoying spending quality time with loved ones. And that’s just how it should be.

I’ve been using Moonpig for years to buy personalised cards and gifts for my friends and family to mark birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries or simply ‘just because’. A little random act of kindness is always appreciated and, in a world of digital connections, there’s something special about receiving a gift or card in the post, isn’t there?

We kicked off the event with mulled wine to help ignite the festive spirit and were split into small groups. I teamed up with Charlie, Jo and Leanne and our first activity was card making. We used a photo booth filled with silly props to create a personalised Christmas card each on the Moonpig website.

Now I’m certainly not a natural behind the camera so the result was a few pictures of me with my eyes shut/resting bitch face/gurning whilst wearing a crown. I’m sure my dad will be delighted with his card featuring this image…

Moonpig Merrier Together Blog Event Leeds That British Betty

Next up was a festive cocktail making masterclass. As much I like drinking cocktails, I haven’t had much experience of actually making them before so it was rather novel to be on the other side of the bar for a change.

Leanne and I paired up to make bespoke mojitos – I added strawberry and lime to mine whilst she made a delicious Christmassy apple and cranberry version. Jo and Charlie made Pornstar Martinis for us all to share. We were also treated to a Woo Woo with a little candy cane.

All of the cocktails went down well and Leanne and I were joking about the Woo Woo tasting like juice; the barman swiftly reminded us that they contained three shots of alcohol each. It’s safe to say that I was feeling rather tipsy by this point so I was grateful for the lovely lunch that followed to help soak up a little of the booze!

Moonpig Merrier Together Event Leeds That British Betty Blog

After lunch, it was time to get crafty! This is not something that comes naturally to me so I was guided by Helen from Helen James Florist and, after about 30 minutes, had managed to create a beautiful Christmas wreath with minimal effort. It’s now hanging on my door and I get a little sense of pride whenever I walk past it (along with a dusting of glitter).

We then got hands-on with fabric pens and stencils to create a personalised gift sack with Sandra Togher from Bowery. I opted for a dinosaur theme (naturally) and very nearly spelled the word ‘Christmas’ wrong as I was too busy nattering with Codie and Lolita. Must try harder Lisa…

A surprise visit from Father Christmas rounded off the afternoon and he asked what was on my list this year. Thanks to Leanne for snapping this picture of me apparently trying to convince him to bring a bottle of gin, topped off with a little hair twirling for good measure. He told me that the elves don’t make much gin but that he’d try his best!

It was lovely to catch up with my fellow bloggers and I went home feeling full of Christmas spirit. Thank you to Moonpig for bringing us all together for a day of festive fun and merriment.

Moonpig Merrier Together Event Leeds Christmas That British Betty Blog

*Photo credits: Matt Chappell, Moonpig

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2 responses to “Merrier Together with Moonpig”

  1. This sounds like a brilliant event. I think my sister practically has shares in Moonpig since moving to Dubai, so it’s great to see they know how to throw a class festive shindig too!

    I think your photo with Santa deserves to be on the family Christmas card this year 😉


  2. Hair twirling with Father Christmas!! How salacious! 🙂
    Glad you had a fab day!
    Debs @ https://tiger-mint.com

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