A Manchester Arty Party With Viking

What better way to kick off National Stationery Week than to indulge in a day of crafts with some of my favourite fellow bloggers.

On Saturday, I arrived in a gloriously sunny Manchester (I did wonder if I’d got lost after being greeted by such unusual weather here ‘up North’) and headed to the beautiful King Street Townhouse for an afternoon of crafting and coffee. The folks over at Viking had invited me along to their ‘Arty Party’ and I was curious to see what was on the agenda.

I’ve never been to this particular hotel before and the views from the 6th floor were just stunning. Residing close to the city means that we rarely need to book a hotel in Manchester these days but I think for our next staycation, King Street Townhouse will be high up on the list.

A Manchester Arty Party With Viking King Street Townhouse That British Betty Blog

After a quick catch up with the lovely Steffany from Oh So Steffany and Donna from Polkadot Pink, we were divided into three separate groups to begin our craftathon. Being painfully awkward in social situations, I was a little terrified anxious but once I got chatting to Raimy from Readaraptor, Leanne from Little Babble and a few others, my nerves soon vanished.

First up was block printing with The Crafty Hen. Our teacher, Stacey, was very knowledgeable and gave us an in-depth demonstration on how to carve our very own rubber stamp for block printing. We were told to keep it simple so I went for a cat face silhouette (naturally) but somehow, I managed cut the bottom off mine! Undeterred, I used acrylic paint to create a pattern on my folder and the result was pleasantly passable.

A Manchester Arty Party With Viking King Street Townhouse That British Betty Blog The Crafty Hen

After breaking for lunch, it was time for a spot of calligraphy with Artsy Nibs. I actually met the lovely Joyce from Artsy Nibs at a Joanie Clothing event last year so had been given the opportunity to try my hand at this elegant art previously.

Joyce kept reminding me to relax/breathe as I practised my penmanship so I was clearly taking calligraphy seriously – a little bit too seriously it seems! I’m slowly improving and looking forward to writing more over the next few months with this pretty kit that was kindly gifted to me; it’s mint green, has three different nibs and I absolutely adore using it.

A Manchester Arty Party With Viking King Street Townhouse That British Betty Blog Artsy Nibs Calligraphy

The last session was notebook customisation, led by Chloe from The Crafty Hen. Other bloggers opted for pretty patterns, geometric shapes, lace and gold leaf to create some lovely, intricate designs. I struggled to find my niche with this one and kind of gave up, simply covering my notebook with spotty paper and hoping that nobody would notice my lack of creativity. My daughter actually laughed when I got home and told me that my notebook looked like a nursery class effort; she had a point.

A Manchester Arty Party With Viking King Street Townhouse That British Betty Blog Review

We were all given a goodie bag to take home after the event (containing a mug to customise, Sharpies, washi tape and more) and I left feeling rather accomplished. Thank you to Viking and all involved for a fabulous day!

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  1. Maxine says:

    This looks so much fun!! I get what you mean about feeling awkward. I can never think of something to say and end up babbling and saying something silly! The block printing turned out well, I might have to give that a go. Am so jealous about the calligraphy, I’ve always wanted to give that a go. Glad you had a lovely day.

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