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*This post is sponsored by Studio as part of my ambassador role

Studio Blog Ambassador Lisa Valentine Blogs

My blog began several years ago as a hobby; a place to document my adventures and to serve as a creative outlet, allowing my brain to escape from a very dull day job. In that time, my job has (thankfully) changed and I’m now in a role that allows me to write every day. However, I unexpectedly fell in love with the world of blogging and even though I still work full time, I continue to jot down my thoughts and such in this little corner of the internet.

Occasionally, I get an email reminding me that other people not only read my ramblings but actually enjoy doing so! I know, it surprises me too. A few months ago, the Studio team got in touch to let me know that they’d been keeping an eye on my blog and would love to have me on board to work with them this year. After pinching myself, I’m ecstatic to share this with you guys – I’m now officially an ambassador for Studio!

As part of my ambassador role, I was invited to meet the Studio team in Lancashire for an immersion day to get to know the brand better and take a look at what these guys do behind the scenes. This began at Stanley House Hotel & Spa, Mellor, where I was greeted by the other ambassadors. This place is seriously Insta-worthy and I’ve already sent Adam the link as a not-so-subtle nudge for our next weekend break.

In 1965, Studio launched its very first mail-order catalogue and until recently, I wasn’t really aware of how much the brand has evolved. I’m going to be completely honest here; I’d previously associated Studio as the kind of place that my mum and her mates would buy their Christmas cards from, maybe a set of personalised pencils too if I was lucky! (I flipping LOVED taking those pencils to school).


Whilst Studio remains true to its roots, they have also moved with the times. The catalogue is still going strong, but they also sell online, featuring branded items alongside the popular, personalised stuff that we’ve all come to know and love.

After a presentation from the Studio team, it was time to take a closer look at some of the items available. With gorgeous floral sandals, luxe velvet curtains, rose gold kitchen accessories, fluffy dressing gowns and a pretty pearl denim jacket, it was hard to believe that the quality of these products didn’t command a much higher price tag.

We also had insight into the buyers responsibilities and I was surprised to hear just how much work goes into the products that you’ll find both online and in the catalogue. From a simple idea stems months of research, inspiration trips, sourcing suppliers and fabrics, choosing models, arranging photoshoots, and ultimately, creating purse-friendly products that are bang on-trend. All of the products are ethically sourced with regular factory visits to make sure that suppliers are also standing by the Studio ethos.

We then headed over to TIME studios in Burnley where Studio has a dedicated photo studio. This was pretty exciting! As ambassadors, we got to meet more of the team and see how things are done on a day to day basis. From storyboards to new lines, it was quite overwhelming to see just how much can be going on at any given time. They were already shooting the Christmas products when we arrived, showing that planning ahead is key in the world of e-commerce and mail order.


One thing that stood out for me is how knowledgeable everybody who works with Studio is. I got chatting to one of the fashion buyers (I have forgotten her name already because I am rubbish – so sorry if you’re reading this!) and the passion she has for her role was clear. We also got a sneak peek of a sleepwear shoot in progress and, as we all fawned over how stunningly beautiful the model was, she changed poses in the blink of an eye, making the whole thing seem so effortless.

The Studio team had put together a little gift for each ambassador, consisting of items handpicked by the stylists and I received some quirky summer wedges, silky pajamas, a cute floral backpack, sunglasses, a floaty cotton shirt, and a few other items that made me rather giddy – a personalised mint green dressing gown (anyone who knows me will confirm just how much I love a good dressing gown), a personalised travel mug which I’ll be taking to work for my morning coffee and a pack of those pencils with my name on that I adored so much as a kid! Hurrah for nostalgia (and new stationery).


Whilst perusing the homeware section, I made a mental wish list of all the things that I need want for my own home. Thinking that this would mean me taking on a second job to fund said wish list, I was again pleasantly surprised at how affordable everything is at Studio. Oh, and we also got to look at some unique pieces from the Christmas ’18 and SS19 bedding ranges. I can’t say much just yet but you guys are in for an absolute treat this festive season! When I showed my teenage daughters a couple of the super-secret pictures I’d taken on the day, they earmarked at least three items each.

As for me, one of the many, many items I currently have my eye on is this flamingo dinner set and I may have to do some online shopping this weekend (despite Adam rolling his eyes when I showed him my intended purchase. The girls also loved this set so majority rules I’m afraid!). Keep an eye on my social media channels this month for a closer look at some fashion goodies I’ve picked out too; if you follow the hashtag #studiostyledme, you can also see what my fellow ambassadors are wearing.

Have you shopped with Studio before?

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2 responses to “Becoming a Studio Ambassador”

  1. Lyd says:

    There was a Studio store next to my primary school and I used to love going in on the way home to see what random bits and bobs they had! I haven’t thought of them since the store closed, but it’s good to know that they’re going strong in Lancashire and offering loads of modern pieces- I may have to get a mint dressing gown to match you!

    • Lisa | That British Betty Blog says:

      This! I have fond memories of Studio as a kid, especially at Christmas time. It’s brilliant that they’ve stayed local and the photo studio in Burnley is rather cool! I’d certainly recommend the dressing gown – it’s so fluffy. Going to post a picture of it on my Instagram next week so keep an eye out. I’ll also be sharing discount codes etc ? The only issue now is that I have a wishlist longer than my arm ? Lisa x

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