Our Retro Valentine’s Night Plans

*Disclosure: I was gifted a Swizzels Sweet Hamper for the purpose of this post, however, all opinions, images and words are my own

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Despite most people assuming that Mr Valentine and I fully embrace the romance of Valentine’s Day traditions, what with literally having an entire day named after us (that’s not technically accurate but I do kind of like the novelty when I see ‘To My Valentine’ cards popping up in the shops) but lavish gifts or grand displays of affection aren’t really our thing.

Instead, on 14 February, we’re going to be enjoying a Friday night at home with board games, SEGA, sweets, classic movies, our duvet, a very grown-up indoor picnic for tea and our three cats for company. I’m a sucker for anything nostalgic and we’re a pair of homebodies so this is the dream Valentine’s Day set up for us. 

We’ll be starting with crisps, pastries, swiss rolls, sweets and a couple of hot Vimtos to kick the evening off in style, followed by a few rounds of ‘Golden Axe’ and ‘Streets of Rage 2’ with some strict scorekeeping and general goading. A game of snakes and ladders will help keep the rivalry going until we chuck the duvet on the sofa and settle down for the night to watch whatever throwback film is inevitably chosen via ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’.

When it comes to gift-giving, we tend to stick to small, thoughtful items and gestures. In the past, we’ve chosen things like a map print of where we said our vows in New York City, experience days out, vintage books, handmade photo collages, and bespoke playlists.

For me, it’s important to show that I’ve learned – and am still learning – little things about Adam, like what his favourite ’80s movie is, what songs make him smile or mean something special to him, what foods make his day, and what his all-time favourite sweets are (Refreshers for him and Rainbow Drops for me incase you’re wondering).

Of course, Love Hearts are always a great option – heck, they’re practically made for Valentines Day gift-giving – and Swizzels have loads of treats for all budgets so if you’re after gift inspiration, take a look at the full range of Swizzels sweets online here (they have vegan, vegetarian and personalised options available and you get 15% off from Feb 1 – 14 with the code ‘V15’).

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  1. Jennie says:

    I love retro sweets! Sounds like you’ve got lovely Valentine’s Day plans ahead 🙂 Enjoy all the sweeties.

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