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June is a busy month in our household when it comes to celebrations; along with loads of birthdays (including Adam, Megan, my niece and nephew all in the same week or so), Father’s Day is never far behind. Fun fact: I spent Father’s Day 2000 becoming a mum for the first time after going into labour just as the England vs Germany match kicked off on the hottest day of the year.

I came out of the operating theatre to find my dad waiting to meet his first grandchild and he’d even stopped to buy me a pick n mix on the way. Absolute legend. Now it goes without saying that family units and father figures come in all different shapes and sizes; ‘dad’ can be anyone who you feel fits that role and title, whether that’s actually mum, stepdad, mentor, friend or anyone inbetween.

Although my parents separated when I was young, I’ve always had a close relationship with my own dad and we’re big on family days out. Traditionally, I tend to spend Father’s Day having breakfast and coffee with him in our favourite cafe before an afternoon of escape rooms, museums, arcades, beekeeping, mini-golf, VR gaming, axe throwing or whatever other weird and wonderful adventures we have planned with the extended family.

With England currently in lockdown due to coronavirus, Father’s Day will be somewhat different this year but that doesn’t mean we can’t make plans for when it’s safe again. He only lives about 20 minutes away so I’m going to drive over and see him next weekend, however, Moonpig has plenty of gifts and cards ready to post directly if this isn’t an option for you.

When I was browsing their website for Father’s Day gift ideas, I spotted something that I knew would be perfect for my dad; an experience day for two on a steam train. I mean, I did buy it on the assumption that he’ll be inviting me along on the trip so I can’t claim that it’s an entirely selfless gift, but it’s the thought that counts. A love of steam trains is something that I inherited from my dad, along with a sweet tooth, a fascination with museums and all things rockabilly, a habit of adopting stray cats and a distinctive chin that’s been passed down through several generations (cheers for that one).

Our video chats and WhatsApp thread of late mainly consists of his daft humour, silly dad jokes, irrelevant emojis and pictures of the wildlife gracing his garden. In return, I’ve been introducing him to Tik Tok videos and online shopping. I’m hoping that having a date in the diary for a nostalgic trip on the train once it’s safe again will help boost his morale a little bit this Father’s Day.

Moonpig Father's Day Gift Ideas Lisa Valentine Blogs

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