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Hey Little Cupcake! is somewhere that I stumbled upon by complete accident about 5 years ago. I’d been out for a lovely afternoon at MSI with Lisa from Hollybobbs blog and our respective families. We had enjoyed a nice meal and spotted a quaint little cupcake shop next door. Of course, we had to go and take a look.

I left with a gorgeous, gooey chocolate brownie and a lemon cupcake after being greedy unable to chose just one. That day marked the beginning of an ongoing love affair between yours truly and Hey Little Cupcake!

Over the years, I have watched them grow; from their humble origins in 2010 as a temporary pop-up shop, Hey Little Cupcake now boasts concession stalls in Selfridges (Trafford & Birmingham) and are incredibly popular with locals and visitors alike. So when I was invited along to a cupcake class last week by The Hut Group, how could I possibly refuse?

The cupcakery and tea room that I visited is situated in the Spinningfields area of Manchester. This is their base and where the magic happens, with all of the cakes being freshly baked there daily then delivered to the other locations.

As you walk into the shop, the smell of freshly baked cakes, the bright pink and white tiled floor and the is counter filled with treats create a cosy atmosphere.

Our class was hosted by Sean who was friendly, knowledgeable, and fun! I sat with fellow bloggers Leanne from Little Babble and Siobhan from Miss Vintage Vibe. I’ve met Siobhan a few times before so it was nice to catch up again.

Hey Little Cupcake Manchester That British Betty Blog

We donned floral aprons and together, learned how to make edible roses by using a special cutter on sugar paste icing. With a few careful steps, a work of art was born (or something like that; mine ended up a little bit wonky!)

Next, we made a hole in the centre of a soft vanilla cupcake and added fresh custard. Sean then taught us how to pipe green buttercream on top to create a ‘grass’ effect. After adding the bright sugar paste flowers, we had created a pretty garden-themed cupcake.

We followed the same steps as before and filled a moist chocolate cupcake with rich, thick salted caramel then learned how to pipe chocolate buttercream into a perfect swirl. The extra special edible discs featuring our kind hosts’ logo finished them off nicely.

Are you hungry yet? I am. I may even have to nip out and cure the chocolate cravings that I’m having whilst writing this.

You can find out more here if you fancy giving this class a go yourself (something that I would highly recommend!) A big thank you to Hey Little Cupcake! and The Hut Group for such a lovely evening.

Hey Little Cupcake Manchester Cake Class That British Betty Blog

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  1. Cecelia Dowdy says:

    That sounds like SO MUCH FUN. I love cupcakes, but, I’m not much of a decorator – I’m more of an eater! LOL! But I do love the idea of filling the cupcakes with cream or custard or salty caramel! What a treat!

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