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2020 has already been a wild ride, to say the least, and we’re only just about halfway through the year. Like most people, the past few months have really given me time to think about the future. Alongside the obvious things that come with a pandemic, like living on autopilot with the bonus of riding sporadic waves of terror, uncertainty, and sadness since about March, I’ve found some unexpected positives too.

Like when sitting in my friend’s garden drinking coffee from a flask and excitedly catching up after not seeing each other since Christmas almost made me cry with gratitude. I decided to get up stupidly early last week and made the two-hour or so round trip to the beach for no other reason than to enjoy a peaceful walk by the sea on a sunny Sunday morning.

I’ve become so acutely aware of how precious some things are, things that I’ve taken for granted in the past. Spending time at home with Adam and allowing myself to just ‘be’, to read a book or watch a film without the self-imposed pressure and looming weight of my obligations and responsibilities leaving me unable to settle for long has been a novel and welcome change. As much as that may all sound like nauseating enlightenment nonsense, it’s the truth and has made me reassess and re-evaluate my priorities.

I love to write and at the start of lockdown, I started exploring some new avenues and outlets. Blogging has been my main creative platform for more than six years. It has brought me some bloody great opportunities and a supportive community that I adore. It was initially born from sharing my travel and food reviews online through various publications. After realising that maybe there was an audience for me to share more bespoke content, I began posting my regular tales of weekends away, family life and foodie events on here.

Due to our current situation, it’s likely that, as a household, we’re not going to be eating out (sorry Rishi) or travelling much outside of the North West this year and my girls are all but grown-up these days so it feels like this is the right time for me to take a natural blogging break.

I don’t have much to share with you that hasn’t been said before here and frankly, my life right now is boring as shit when it comes to harvesting content for fresh, exciting blog posts. It also feels almost superfluous to be sharing my usual stuff at a time when spenny holidays and dining out isn’t on the agenda for so many of us, given that personal priorities and financial situations have shifted so vastly.

This is not some theatrical swan song either; I didn’t want to simply slope off in the (cyber) sunset without acknowledging that my blog may be looking sparse and the reasons why. My work life is incredibly fast-paced and when combined with my other commitments, by the time weekends roll around, I simply don’t have the mental capacity nor inclination to dedicate the time, energy, and love that this site deserves.

I can’t say for certain when I’ll be back (especially given the current unpredictable shitshow we’re all pushing through) but it’s likely to be later in the year, if not early 2021. In the meantime, I’ll be lurking on Twitter and Instagram cheering on my blogger friends and sharing pictures of my cats if you want to follow.

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