I Don’t Know How to Write For My Blog Anymore

I've Forgotten How to Write Lisa Valentine Blogs

Back in the day, blogging was all about being ‘the person next door’, becoming a complete stranger’s virtual bestie through sharing open, honest and relatable content. Then came the bolder influencer aesthetic, heavy marketing and ‘fashuun babes’ era. Last year, around half of my personal favourite bloggers decided to quit and give up their online space. Although saddened, I fully understand why they made that decision.

I’ve talked about the concept of ‘self’ in a previous post and why I’m using that as my ‘Word of the Year’ for 2021. I’ve certainly stuck to my intention so far. Having more free time with my thoughts means that I’ve evolved more in the past year or two than I have in the last ten (I mean emotionally, spiritually. Not physically, like some kind of rubbish elder millennial pokemon).

I feel a little bit sad for past Lisa; she’s a person I barely recognise. When I read back over my early blog posts, I see that she was lost, dealing with some heavy shit and trying to figure it all out through those jumbled words, by baring her soul. I no longer have that desire to pick at irrelevant, healed scabs in the same way, to share my traumas and dissect my past.

I attended a course recently which touched upon emotional intelligence and self-awareness. We talked about how, as people, we’re always growing and changing, and that all we can hope to be is the best version of ourselves right now. I’ve also been listening to a shitload of podcasts and audiobooks which have assisted my continual growth and gently nudged my mindset.

I don’t look backward anymore, torturing myself over old, stale ghosts. Instead, I use that valuable energy to be the best version of myself today. I was guilty of defining myself by those painful life experiences and I’d been doing myself a royal injustice by putting so much of the spotlight on a tiny percentage of my life.

I’ll still be here, waffling on about whatever pops into my head, or raving about a food festival or weekend away, or whatever. I’ll be showing you my best self, my happy authentic self, keeping my head firmly in the now, and leaving the past where it belongs.

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