The Beauty Of The Blogging Community

The beauty of the blogging community Manchester Lisa Valentine Blogs

The blogging industry has had its fair share of negative press in recent years. Some of it is quite justified and some of it, not so much. I began blogging properly in 2014. It started out as a very organic ‘Dear Diary’ page and I had no idea about things such as SEO, outreach, press trips and all of the other dimensions involved in the world of blogging.

One thing that I had never imagined back then was how I’d make some solid friendships through this community. If you scroll through Twitter, you could easily be led to believe that bloggers are a competitive, nasty bunch of ‘Mean Girl’ types who would happily step over one another to get their ‘blagger’ mitts on a £5 PR sample.

Again, on some occasions, you’d be absolutely right. However, from my experience, this behaviour is only displayed by the tiny minority; the wider community is quite different from this perception. What you’ll actually find is a group of like-minded people who are happy to help out with photography tips, technical advice and even emotional support, cheering each other on from the sidelines.

Recently, there was an issue regarding malicious coding being secretly installed on many blogs via a popular website template (alongside loads of other issues – you can read more here if you wish) that shook the blogging community.

Whilst some people did resort to petty, negative insults towards those who disagreed with their views, what was also highlighted is just how generous and genuine most bloggers are, with a handful of people setting up and donating to a fund offering to help the bloggers affected pay for new hosting and blog templates.

I always thought that blogging is a solitary hobby, however, the more I attended local press events, I naturally ended up liaising with other bloggers. This then led to joining online blog groups and communities and eventually, meeting up with other bloggers on a leisurely basis for coffee and cake (or cocktails if we’re feeling flush). This evolved and now, I count said bloggers as some of my closest friends.

As someone who isn’t naturally sociable and finds forging new relationships awkward AF, this unexpected perk of blogging really has been rather life-changing ( a dramatic claim perhaps but whatever). So remember, don’t always believe what you read and make sure you experience things first-hand before making assumptions; you may just get a pleasant surprise and create some wonderful friendships to boot!

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  1. Fridgesays says:

    So true.
    Like most things in life, you can make of it what you desire. I’ll always pick relationships over a fiver lol

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