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I saw something on Twitter the other day and it inspired me to share something that’s been niggling for ages. It basically stated that just because someone doesn’t have their entire work history in their bio, don’t assume they don’t know what they’re talking about. 

It got me thinking about how many of us form our opinions based on assumptions and solely what we see via social media. I know I do. But then I’ll try and pull my thought process back for a moment and remind myself that I’m only seeing what someone is choosing to show, or at the very least, my own perception of what they show.

Here on my blog, I tend to be pretty transparent and often pour our my heart out in raw, emotional posts. I like having this site as my own safe space to talk to you, my readers, like old friends catching up over coffee or having a deep and meaningful natter over WhatsApp (granted, it’s mostly one way on here). 

But I’m also aware that not many people know what I actually do for a living or about my circle of close friends or my political opinions or where I grew up or the public figures I admire or the things that have left me scarred and all of the other complex facets of my life.

There are loads of different reasons why I chose to censor my blog to a degree, such as creating boundaries, keeping my work life separate to maintain a degree of professionalism and making sure that I’m not accidentally exposing my loved ones to a public spotlight that they never opted to be part of in the first place.

For me, this doesn’t make my posts inauthentic but I do find that people can easily forget that, for all of the pretty flatlays, smiley Instagram posts and silly re-Tweets you see, there are human beings behind those accounts with feelings, valid opinions and valuable experience. 

So many bloggers I know personally are doing amazing things that they never talk about on their social feeds or work in fields where they save lives on a daily basis but only share stories about their pets online or are busy caring for a poorly relative all day then create fabulous recipes online by night. 

I think my own takeaway point from this rambling mess of a blog post (created at 11pm on a Friday night, for context/slightly apologetic reasoning) is not to be so quick to judge based on the tiny snapshot you see.

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