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Life Update Lisa Valentine Blogs

You may have noticed (or not) that I’ve been a little lacking on the old blog and social media front recently. I’ve had a few people ask what’s going on and if I’ve given up blogging altogether. I haven’t. I mean, how could I?

I flipping love to write and, along with the opportunities it’s given me, the community that I’ve inadvertently become a part of, and the incredible people I’ve met in the process, I’m certainly not ready or willing to give any of that up.

The reality is that I am a hobby blogger, meaning that my ‘real life’ has to take priority. This isn’t even something that I begrudge; it just means that on occasion, I may not have the time to create content for the blog on a weekly basis.

I’m actually going through a bit of a shift, a period of change and growth at the moment. Since deleting my personal Facebook account last year, I’m re-engaging with friends and loved ones on more of a face-to-face level and it’s been wonderful.

Life is good. I’m really quite content and feel like I’m exactly where I need to be – it just requires me to be more present than before is all. Long-term, I may even change direction here on the blog and focus on fashion, recipes and quintessential British travel.

There’ll be a blog post up in the next couple of weeks about mine and Adams weekend jaunt to the Welsh coast and I have a few foodie bits I’d like to share with you whilst I work on some rather dull website maintenance to refresh historic posts and clear out the irrelevant ones.

Until then, I’ll most likely be sporadically loitering on Twitter and Instagram if you want to come and say hello. Speak soon x


2 responses to “A Little Life Update”

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  2. That’s the thing about living a life, isn’t it… it rarely leaves you with time to write about it!

    Good to know you’re not going anywhere, lady. What would I do without my Blog Twin?!


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