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Chocolate Orange Halloween Brownies | Recipe


So these aren’t really Halloween brownies as they’re amazing all year round, however, I thought I’d fancy them up with some orange frosting and sprinkles in keeping with the season. I found this recipe in the back of a supermarket magazine about nine years ago and, after making a few tweaks, it’s been a solid (or squidgy) favourite every since.

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Friday Night Nachos | Recipe

Easy Nacho Recipe UK That British Betty Blog

*Contains gifted items

Ok so these nachos aren’t exclusive to Friday nights but in our household, they do tend to be our go-to dish after a long week. They also work well for movie nights, parties or if you simply have no inclination to be tied to the oven all evening.

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Chocolate Orange Bread and Butter Pudding | Recipe

Chocolate Orange Bread and Butter Pudding Recipe UK_That-British-Betty-Blog (1)

I‘ve always preferred sweet food over savoury. Whilst traditional British food can often leave a lot to be desired, our puddings have always managed to shine. From Victoria Sponges and Lemon Drizzle Cake to Jam Roly Poly and Queens Pudding, they are the perfect Autumnal comfort food for a sweet tooth like me (I have no idea if these particular dishes are actually native to Britain so don’t @ me – just relax and enjoy the recipe).

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Easy Creme Egg Fudge | Recipe

Easy Slow Cooker Creme Egg Fudge Recipe Easter Three Ingredient That British Betty Blog 1

One of my favourite things about Easter is the confectionary. Of course, I do appreciate that it also has very important, deeper meaning but my sweet tooth is grateful that modern tradition dictates that the supermarket shelves are bursting with a wonderful array of chocolatey goods.

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