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Jonathan Van Ness | Over The Top

JVN Johnathan Van Ness Over The Top Book Review Lisa Valentine Blog

I‘ve been a fan of ‘Queer Eye’ since the very beginning and, after meeting Tan France in Manchester earlier this year, my love for the Fab Five has been amplified. My fellow fans will undoubtedly be knee-deep in the newly released ‘Queer Eye: We’re in Japan’ special as we speak. I smashed through all four episodes last night and yes, I ugly cried through at least two of them.

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Merrier Together with Moonpig

Merrier Together With Moonpig That-British-Betty-Blog

A few weeks ago, I headed to Leeds for a very festive event hosted by CoLab and Moonpig. This ended with me drinking too many cocktails, accidentally flirting with Father Christmas and having a merry old time indeed. But more on that later…

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Wonderfully Wicked Halloween Fudge

Easy Three Ingredient Slow Cooker Fudge Halloween That-British-Betty-Blog (1)

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When it comes to Halloween, I adore the aesthetics of the spooky season (basic much Lisa?), however, the proper horror and gore stuff isn’t really my bag. My girls may take great joy in being frightened half to death at ‘Farm of Terror’ or similar nightmarish events, but for me, I can’t think of anything worse.

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