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last month, my eldest girl Megan, her friend Jess and I headed into town after work to Great John’s Street Hotel for a luxe event hosted by Red Magazine and Guerlain Fragrance. To say I was looking forward to it is an understatement.

Red Magazine is one that I read religiously. Growing up as a teenager in the nineties, I’d spend hours poring through the pages of Sugar and J-17 magazines, utterly absorbing any slight snippet of beauty and lifestyle advice. Fast forward twenty-odd years and we’re lucky enough to have a plethora of information right at our fingertips thanks to the magic of the internet.

But old habits die hard. Thankfully my taste in reading materials matured as I did and lazily indulging in a few hours reading Red Magazine in the bath or on a train is one of my favourite ways to pass time, allowing me to discover new products and beauty regimes as I continue to race through my thirties.

However, Guerlain is a brand that was new to me. I’d done a little research prior to the event and liked what I’d read; the ethics of the company as a whole, being big on sustainability and upholding a long-term partnership with UNESCO and other views and values mirrored my own so that made for a good first impression.

As we made our way upstairs towards to event space in Manchester, the room was filled with fresh flowers and fragrant Guerlain candles. We’re greeted with champagne before being offered the option of hand massages and mini fragrance workshops with industry experts.

Red Magazine x Guerlain event 2019 Lisa Valentine Blog

The girls and I got chatting to a lovely, lovely human being named Patrick. Patrick works at a fragrance counter in Belfast and is like a walking encyclopedia of things scent-related. He talked about the differences between Eau De Parfum, Eau De Toilette, and pure perfume, how to layer fragrance and why you should never rub your wrists together after applying (it ‘crushes’ the scent).

We also bumped into fellow blogger, the gorgeous Emma Campbell from What Emma Did which is always a lovely surprise. After sampling a variety of Guerlain fragrances first-hand, from earthy and sensual, to florals and sweet vanilla tones, it was time for brand ambassador Camilla Thurlow and Red Magazine Beauty Director, Eve Cameron, to talk about the power of fragrance.

Once we’d been introduced, Camilla spoke of what different scents mean to her personally as Eve explained how and why they can evoke powerful memories. They talked about why Guerlain works closely with the communities it sources its raw materials from, how Angela Jolie became the face of the French brand’s Mon Guerlain perfume, and why they’re working hard to reduce their carbon footprint, ultimately becoming a carbon-neutral company.

We also learnt more about Camilla’s background as a bomb disposal expert, her time spent in Cambodia, whats makes a strong female role model, her stint on Love Island in 2017, and her home life. It was a pleasure to learn more about Guerlain and met Eve and Camilla afterwards (at which point, Megan spent a good 15 mins chatting with Camilla about dresses, chunky knits, and pet dogs!).

Thank you again to Red Magazine and Guerlain for inviting us along.

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